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How to Use Virtual Reality When Renting Your Property

You already know how important it is to use good marketing to attract qualified tenants. The longer your rental sits vacant, the more money you lose. Listing your property on multiple websites and using good photography is still important but it doesn’t make your rental stand out. Most landlords do these things. A virtual reality, immersive viewing of your rental property, however, will offer something other landlords haven’t even considered.

Take your marketing to a new level with virtual reality. It’s not as difficult to do as you might imagine, and it could help you rent your property faster.

Who Should Consider Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) isn’t necessary for every rental property you have. Your ideal renter has to be the type of person who would have a VR headset to take advantage of the experience. These renters tend to be younger or more affluent. If your target market includes families or lower income households, VR might not work for you -- not yet. The day may come when VR is as common as a cell phone.

VR is also a great idea if you have high-end luxury properties or rentals that you’re purposely marketing to people coming in from outside the Emerald Coast. Are new military members coming in to Hurlburt, Duke, or Eglin? Is a company moving to the area and bringing in hundreds of people from around the world? VR can help you rent your properties even faster.

How to Create a VR Showing of Your Property

If you’re imagining the expense and time of hiring a crew or buying special cameras to create a virtual reality showing of your property, think again. Yes, those things can be done, and if you’ve got the budget, hire the help. But you can DIY your own VR video.

● Record video of your property, from the outside and in every room, from your smartphone. You can add a camera attachment like Insta360, Samsung Gear 360, VR Pan Cam, or Giropic IO to record a 360 degree video for less than $150.

● Edit the video as much or as little as you’d like.

● Upload the video to YouTube360 which is designed for virtual reality immersion videos.

● Share the link to the VR video on your listings, on social media, and elsewhere to let potential tenants know they can view your property without physically having to be there.

What VR Showings Can Do for Your Property

Recording video and offering virtual reality showings of rental property won’t be for everyone, at least not until it becomes more popular. But trying things first has its advantages.

  1. You save travel time spent on going to the showing, and you don’t have to worry about juggling your schedule.

  2. Showings are more secure because you’re handing out fewer keys to people.

  3. It’s convenient for potential tenants to view the property.

  4. You can get from the showing to the lease signing much quicker.

  5. VR appeals to younger renters which is good if you’re targeting this demographic.

  6. Using VR to market your rental makes you stand out from the crowd.

Ultimately, the condition, location, and price of your rental get a good tenant’s attention but using a few digital tricks never hurts. Virtual reality has become more popular and easier to use over the past few years. It’s not the only tool you should use to market your property, but it’s another way to get more attention on your rental and attract the best tenants.

Need help marketing your rental? Tired of trying to keep up with all the different ways you can market your property? Work with a property management team that has the time, knowledge, and tools to market your property effectively and find great tenants.

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