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How Technology is Changing the Showing Process

To rent your property you’ve got to be able to show it. While it might seem like a great deal when a tenant doesn’t care about what a rental looks like or where it’s located before they rent, that should be a huge red flag for you. No matter what kind of rental property you own, legitimate tenants will always want to see it.

The showing process can be a hassle for both you and prospective tenants. From setting up times to making sure existing tenants are notified, it can be very stressful. This is especially true when your property attracts a lot of attention. Over the years, as technology has rapidly advanced, it’s changed the showing process for landlords.

If you’re still scheduling showings over the phone or handing out keys, it might be time to try something different. Here are several ways technology has changed the showing process.

Schedule Showings Online

Sometimes scheduling an in-person showing is the only option you’ve got. Maybe the property isn’t vacant yet or maybe it makes you feel better knowing exactly who’s in the property. Technology now allows for online scheduling. You input the times the property is available to view based on what works for you, and tenants know what dates and times are available. Scheduling is easier and you field fewer phone calls.

Prescreen Prospective Tenants

How many times have you shown your rental to tenants who would never have qualified for it? It’s a waste of time for you and for them. Use online pre-screening tools to make sure only qualified prospective tenants get a showing appointment. Yes, you may have less showings for your rental, but you’ll also have a better chance of renting out your property faster and with less hassles.

Video and Virtual Reality Tours

While this option isn’t right for every landlord, online video and virtual reality tours allow you to market your rental to a broader audience. People can view your property without physically being present. And they can often do it at anytime of day or night. This is great when we get an influx of military service members to the area or a business relocates and brings their employees with them.

Smart Locks

Smart locks aren’t your typical deadbolt and latch. Think of them as a set of digital keys. Homeowners use smart locks to let their kids in after school or to let a service company in to do repairs. You access your lock from your phone or a web browser and generate a unique code. The code unlocks the door and lets people into the rental to view it. You can buy the type that fit over an existing lock or replace your existing deadbolt with a smart lock. Once installed, you can allow prospective tenants to show themselves the property. If you go this route, make sure you use a pre-screening tool and that you monitor your property very closely.

If you want to bring your showing process into the 21st century, you have a couple of options. You can sign-up for, purchase, and monitor different tools yourself or you can work with a property management company that does it for you. At ERA American Real Estate, we use ShowMojo for scheduling showing appointments, pre-screening prospective tenants, and using automated functions for inquiries, feedback, and other information. The process is more streamlined, helping you find qualified tenants faster.

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