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7 Questions to Ask a Lawn Service Provider Before You Hire Them

Hiring a lawn crew to maintain the lawns and landscaping of your rental properties is no different from hiring any other vendor. You need to talk to multiple companies and get a few quotes to find the best option. The company you hire will be responsible for helping maintain the curb appeal of your rental and helps you charge a higher rent.

Ask these seven questions to make sure you’re hiring the best lawn service company.

Are you licensed and insured?

You might hire a random person to mow your own lawn (not recommended) but that’s definitely not a good idea for your rental. A lawn service crewmember could get hurt while on the property or they could cause major damage to the building or lawn. If they’re not properly insured, the expense will likely fall to you.

What kind of contract do you offer?

Whatever agreement you make with a lawn service provider should definitely be made in writing, so you need a contract. If you have to go to court, what’s written down is what matters. But you also don’t want to be locked into a contract with no way to get out of it. If they require a six month or one year contract, ask about a trial period or how to end an agreement. You don’t want to be stuck with a company that you don’t like.

What kind of training do employees receive?

Cutting grass may not require much training, but taking care of plants, diagnosing problems, and assessing the health of your lawn definitely do. If you’re hiring a full service lawn care provider, they should make sure their crew members can provide full service.

Are you certified to apply lawn care chemicals?

If you want a lawn care provider to put down any pesticide -- herbicides (weed killer), insecticide, or fungicide, they must be certified by the state of Florida. Florida law requires landscape operators to have a pest control business license from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and have the Limited Certification for Commercial Landscape Maintenance certificate.

How often do you sharpen your blades?

This question is a way of asking how well they maintain their equipment and how much they care about the quality of their work. Dull blades make your grass look chopped up and brown on top. Blades are replaced one or twice a year, but should be sharpened often. High-quality service providers will likely sharpen their blades every one to two days or every 10 mowing hours.

Do you have references?

The most important aspect of this question is that you actually follow up if they provide references. Go by the office or property and take a look at the lawn. Talk to the business owners and find out whether they were easy to work with or professional. Find out how the lawn service company handled problems or complaints.

What if I’m not satisfied with a service?

Before you hire a lawn service company, find out how they handle problems. Do they correct them immediately or at the next scheduled maintenance? Who will handle your complaint? How do you make a complaint? Make sure this is included in your written contract as well.

If you don’t have time to interview multiple companies, work with a property management company that trusted vendors ready to help you. Contact ERA American Real Estate, and we can help you maintain your lawn, inspect your properties, and find great tenants.

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