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6 Ways to Highlight Your Property’s Best Features

Every rental property is unique, and what gets noticed by tenants will vary from rental to rental. But sometimes you have something really special -- a great outdoor living space, high ceilings and crown moulding, or a recent upgrade. You may even charge a slightly higher rent than other properties in the area because of those features.

How, then, do you capitalize on it and find qualified tenants and prevent long vacancies?

Here are a few tips.

Take Good Marketing Photos

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a competitive market or you’re trying to justify higher rent, good marketing photos make a big difference. You need to go above and beyond the blurry smartphone pictures you’ve taken in the past. Make sure the lighting is good so the parts you want to highlight are noticeable. Your best option is to hire a professional real estate photographer and let them do it for you.

Use More Than One Photo

One picture of the front of a rental property will never be enough. Take as many photos as you can of each room. Show the property from different angles. The kind of tenants you want to attract want to know what the rental looks like before they arrive in person. It’s a waste of your time and their time if they arrive at a rental that won’t work for them.

Focus on the Best Parts

Of course you need to show images of the entire property, but focus on the best features. Did you just upgrade the appliances or remodel the kitchen? Are there special features -- like security and other amenities -- that other landlords don’t offer? Make sure any prospective tenant easily sees each feature in your marketing.

Record Video

When in doubt, make a video. If you have a smartphone, you already own a fairly decent camera. Make sure it’s a well-lit day, and take viewers on a tour of the home. Point out the features of interest and talk about the upgrades you’ve done. You can go live on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube or you can record, edit, and then upload your video to YouTube. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a “virtual tour” you can use in your marketing.

Ask for Testimonials

Assuming your tenants are leaving or have already left on good terms, consider asking for a testimonial. They can send it in an email or by text or you can record them on video. Either way, ask them to talk about what features they liked most about the property. Choose your testimonials carefully. If a tenant didn’t pay on time or constantly called in repairs, they likely won’t be a good candidate for a glowing testimonial.

Take Care of the Property

If you don’t keep up with basic maintenance and repairs, no one will care that your rental has a great backyard or a big kitchen. People want liveable homes they can be proud of first. Do the basics and make sure the property looks good in general. If not, no one will see the features you’re so proud of, and they definitely won’t pay the higher rent you’re asking.

If you feel lost when it comes to marketing or you just don’t have time to worry about it, get help from a professional team with all the resources you need. Contact ERA American Real Estate today, and we’ll make sure well-qualified tenants see your property and can’t wait to move in.

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