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5 Reasons Why Landlords May Want to Hire a Lawn Service for Tenants.

A lawn maintenance service on a rental might sound like a luxury, but in some circumstances, it may just be a savvy business move. As long as you can justify the need and build the cost into the rent you charge, the benefits may outweigh additional expenses.

Here are five reasons why you may want to consider hiring a lawn service for your rental property and your tenants.

Higher Confidence About Lawn Maintenance

With higher confidence that the lawn maintenance will be done properly, on time, and without ruining your rentals curb appeal, you have less to worry over. Even better, you’ll have less to repair or re-do once the tenants move out, especially if they didn’t have a green thumb.

When you hire the right lawn maintenance company, you can set a schedule and let them know your expectations. If they find problems with your trees or shrubs, they can let you know so you can address it before it becomes a serious problem. You’re working with a professional as a customer, instead of relying on tenants who may not be willing or able to take care of the lawn.

Maintain Curb Appeal

Ideally your tenants will stay long term, leave your rental in pristine condition, and make it easy to fill the vacancy when they’re gone. But that’s rarely how it really works. With a hired lawn service taking care of the lawn, you know that your curb appeal is always ready for a potential vacancy.

This means it’s less expensive to get your rental ready to rent, and you can begin marketing it quicker once you have a vacancy. The property looks nicer from the outside, and you can cross one thing off your very long list.

Comply with HOA Rules

If your rental property is located in an HOA, you know how important it is to stay in compliance. By hiring a lawn service to maintain the front yard, you’ll field fewer calls from the HOA. Even tenants who mean well and try hard may not be able to keep up with the rules. A professional lawn company should have no problem with this.

You’ll stay in the HOA’s good graces and give yourself a little less to worry about. The HOA will appreciate the effort, as well.

Charge Higher Rent

When you offer amenities that add convenience to the lives of your tenants, you can justify charging a higher rent. Depending on the value of your property and other factors, you may be able to charge enough to more than pay for the lawn maintenance -- increasing your net income, as well.

Never choose a rental amount in an arbitrary way. You need to understand the local rental market while also factoring in your expenses for the property. You may need to charge a little less at first and slowly raise the rent over time as the market heats up. But at minimum, the rent should cover the cost of the lawn service.

Attract Better Quality Tenants

Higher rents and more amenities also tend to attract higher quality tenants. They usually have better rental records and higher income. As long as the property is in good condition and the rent is right for the market, they’re likely to stay long-term as well. This offers you steadier income over time.

Better qualified tenants also tend to take better care of their rental. They want to live in a nice home and will help you keep it that way. If you continue to add amenities and conveniences over time, you may also keep those good tenants longer, as well.

You might not be able to justify adding lawn maintenance to a rental property right now. The additional cost might take you over local market values, making it harder to rent. In other neighborhoods, you may be able to add lawn service and more. When you can, consider making this an extra option for your tenants. You’ll save them time and yourself extra work later.

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