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4 Steps to Get Your Rental Move-In Ready Faster

A vacant rental property is one that’s not earning income or paying the mortgage. If a vacancy lasts too long, it can become your worst nightmare. Tenants move all the time, and your current renters won’t stay forever. Knowing how to minimize your vacancy time will keep the income flowing and give you less to worry about.

Make a plan now so that when you get that 30 day notice, you can put your plan in motion so you’re ready for the next tenant in less time.

Maintain the Property All the Time

Some projects are easiest when a property is vacant but keeping the property maintained means you have less to do once the tenants move out. Fix and replace what you can as needed. Perform annual maintenance checks so you’re on top of problems or potential problems with the property. Doing this means your to-do list will be much shorter once your tenants move out.

Have a Plan Ready to Go

Certain things have to be done after every tenant moves out. Go ahead and pull that list together so you’re not scrambling when they leave. You may have to add extra things after you inspect the property, but the basics will already be covered.

Clean the property from top to bottomRepaint the wallsPut down new carpeting or flooringTake care of the lawn, including mulching and even adding plants

If you know there are some upgrades that need to be done like new appliances or a new shower, add it to your list for this specific property and plan for it early.

Use Your List of Vendors

You do have a list of go-to vendors you trust, right? If not, put that together first. Once you do, think about what you know needs to be done once your property is vacant. Go back to the list you’ve made. Call and begin scheduling the work that needs to be done. No, they can’t start until the tenants move out. But the earlier you can get on a contractor’s calendar, the more likely it is they can get the work done when you want it done. Wait too long, and anything you can’t DIY will likely have to wait several weeks.

Stay Organized

Certain things have to be done over and over again with each vacancy. Those things never change. After the first few vacancies, you know exactly what needs to be done. Create a procedure that you can repeat with each vacancy. Yes, you’ll have to add extra things to the list depending on how a tenant leaves the property, but the basics will be covered. Take the time to create a process and a list that you can use over and over again. It’ll be worth it when you can pull out your list when a tenant puts in their notice and know exactly what needs to be done.

Why You Want Your Rental Move-in-Ready ASAP

If your property sits vacant, you’re not making money. The faster you can move in and get it ready to rent, the better. Don’t cut corners but don’t wait until the last minute either. Tenants want a home that looks good and fits their needs. By putting together a plan, taking care of the property year-round, and staying organized you can cut down the time it takes to turnaround a rental.

How ERA Can Help you

Does all of this seem a little overwhelming? Don’t have time to make lists or keep up with all the details? Work with a property management company that has the vendors, the procedures, and the tools to get your rental ready for new tenants faster. At ERA American Real Estate, we know how important it is to keep the renters and rental income flowing. We’ll make sure your rental stays vacant for the least amount of time possible and help you find the best tenants. Contact us today! (850) 609-6000

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